Amsterdam parking meters

using the touch screen, logging in the license plate number

Client: Dienst Stadstoezicht, City of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is the first town in the Netherlands that applies on-street digital parking (no longer parking tickets but checking the license plate on a central database). New parking meters were necessary for this form of (pre)paid parking, with an user interface that allows logging in the licence plate number.

Dienst Stadstoezicht is responsible for the regulation of paid parking in the different boroughs of Amsterdam. For on street parking they are introducing the registration of the licence plate number. Amsterdam started a pilot to learn more about this new approach and they introduced the new interface in several parking meters at a parking spot in the Amsterdam Slotervaart area.


P5 consultants was commissioned to do a field test as a part of the pilot. Users were observed and interviewed on the street while using the new interface. After the field test parking lot attendants were invited for a focus group to learn more of their experiences. This resulted in recommendations for improvement of the interface.

Another type of parking meter, with touch screen, for digital parking was introduced in the city centres of Amsterdam. The use of this meter was observed in order to understand the problems users seem to encounter in paying. The observations resulted in an improved screen layout.

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