Comfort of shelters for the Amsterdam IJtram line

shelter IJtram with the two heating solutions

Client: npk industrial design

The municipality of Amsterdam wanted to raise the comfort for the public transport passenger, when waiting for a tram or bus. Therefore the department for Infrastructure, Traffic and Transport (dIVV) carried out a research on the possibility to heat the shelters of the Amsterdam IJtram line and needed feedback from users on the concepts.

To gain insight in possible heating equipment dIVV has commissioned npk industrial design to carry out a feasibility study in three phases: inventory of possible heating principles, elaboration and realization of a test set-up and execution of a user trial.

Two concepts for heating were developed, a heated seat and top heating by means of so-called IR-radiators.

P5 have supported npk industrial design with the set-up and execution of the user trial of the test set-up. This was done by observing and interviewing users of the tram stop and by a questionnaire via internet.

Based on this test one of the concepts could be chosen. The trial however also made clear that heated shelters raised much scepticism when interviewing passengers – in particular the energy waste and the given priority (as step on the way to a more comfortable Public Transport) are recurring points of discussion.

Based on the findings the development is not yet further implemented.

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