In the development of consumer products the end users give valuable feedback to concepts and inspire new concepts. P5 consultants are experienced in involving the end users in the product development process. 

Product: Expert Review Aqua Trio

Client: Philips Domestic Appliances (Drachten)

Philips developed a vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning: the Aqua Trio. In the early phase of the development Philips wanted an objective review on the concept from an ergonomic perspective.

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Product: Stokke strollers

Client: Stokke, Oslo

Stokke developed two new products in their range of strollers. The Stokke Crusi and the Stokke Scoot. Both products have to be assembled and can be modified by the user.

The Stokke designers needed confirmation whether consumers can assemble and modify the product in the right way using the instructions in the user manual.

Is the manual clear enough or has it to be improved?

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Product: Bugaboo Donkey

Client: Bugaboo, Amsterdam

Bugaboo is a design-driven company with the ambition to ‘redefine mobility’ and increase people’s freedom of movement. In 2011 the Bugaboo Donkey, the first mono-duo-mono convertible stroller for kid(s) and goods, will be available.

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Product: Packaging for InternetPlusBellen KPN

Client: Koninklijke KPN/Producthouse (The Hague)

KPN offers ‘InternetPlusBellen’ as a service. Customers receive a DIY set to install the hardware components. The objective for the redesign of the packaging was to improve ergonomics so customers can easily install this service.

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Product: Usescan coffeemachines

Client: DECS

In selfservice situations coffeemachines should be self-explanatory.

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Product: Beertender

Client: Heineken

The BeerTender is a draught beer system (consisting of an appliance and keg) to be used at home. Heineken wanted to be sure that the system is very easy to use for the diversity of users.

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Product: Honeywell Round

Client: Honeywell

Who doesn’t recognise the Honeywell Round thermostat? The design team wanted to be sure that new series of thermostats would be as user friendly as the famous predecessor.

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Product: Home care centre Brughelen

Client: VDVZ architects

In the home care centre Brughelen VDVZ architects have designed a demo of the care studio appartments that will be built on several locations in The Netherlands and needed feedback from users.

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