Digital Products

Whether it concerns embedded software or internet applications, in all cases there will be an user interface. P5 consultants facilitate the development of user friendly interfaces. We found in Tremani the right partner in order to broaden our services in usability testing of web-applications and other digital products.

Product: Evaluation prototype Webshop

Client: Dienst stadstoezicht, Amsterdam

One of the advantages of on-street digital parking, as applied by the city of Amsterdam, is that tickets become redundant. This makes it possible to facilitate the registration for a parking licence ('ticket') online. Dienst Stadstoezicht, responsible for the regulation of paid parking in Amsterdam, developed a web based application for parking licences.

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Product: Amsterdam parking meters

Client: Dienst Stadstoezicht, City of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is the first town in the Netherlands that applies on-street digital parking (no longer parking tickets but checking the license plate on a central database). New parking meters were necessary for this form of (pre)paid parking, with an user interface that allows logging in the licence plate number.

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Product: Optimalisation Usability Dariuz

Client: Dariuz, Eindhoven

Dariuz is an web based assessment and registration tool for reintegration. It is developed by ExperantoXL in cooperation with TNO, Atlant Group, Chainworks and LANDER group. In the first stages of development emphasis was on the functionality of the tool. Now the application has been in use for some time the developers wanted to learn how to improve the application and asked to evaluate the usability.

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