Optimalisation Usability Dariuz

Client: Dariuz, Eindhoven

Dariuz is an web based assessment and registration tool for reintegration. It is developed by ExperantoXL in cooperation with TNO, Atlant Group, Chainworks and LANDER group. In the first stages of development emphasis was on the functionality of the tool. Now the application has been in use for some time the developers wanted to learn how to improve the application and asked to evaluate the usability.

P5 consultants supported Tremani in this project. The evaluation started with an interview with the developers about their ideas and thoughts. Then an expert review brought up more objective issues regarding the use of the application. The last step was organising three workshops with different types of users. In these workshops the application was evaluated. Insights on how this application was applied in the daily practice came up together with ideas for improvement. Based on this information wireframes of a new concept were developed with emphasis on the use and presentation of information.

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