ORiNOCO Manager

Orinoco screen

Client: Agere (Nieuwegein) (since 2007 merged with LSI)

Agere was a well known and leading company in wireless networking technology. They produced a wide variety of products for wireless communication.

In order to maintain small wireless networks Agere developed a software tool. P5 was asked to evaluate this tool with system engineers.

We invited 10 system engineers responsible for the network in their company (up to 250 workers).
During the test the respondents were asked to install the tool on a workstation. They were allowed to explore the tool for some time. Next they had tot setup a small wireless network. During maintenance tasks events were introduced by a assistant. After all the process and its components were evaluated.

The results were used to develop the final version of the tool. Some bugs were solved. Further more it became clear that this tool was to simple for experienced system engineers. The tool is more suitable for the less experienced assistants or people who are involved in maintenance on an irregular basis. So Agere had to target on an other group of users.

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