Professionals in human-centred design

context mapping

Our professionalism is capturing and deploying product use (and the context of use) for inspiration and feedback in the (human-centred) design process. 

We like to see ourselves as the consumers’ advocates and the designers’  facilitators. We bridge the gap between design & consumers in a way that fits the design process.

In the human-centred design process two main questions need to be answered:

• ‘are we designing the right product’ (what needs could be fulfilled, what product characteristics and values fit the consumer needs best)

• ‘are we designing the product right’ (what solutions fit the objectives best, do people understand an appreciate the concept, does the product work out as assumed)

We offer appropriate research, and communication of the results, fitting the needs of the development team. From traditional research up to co-design.

Based on our knowledge of design, market research and ergonomics we use qualitative research methods to develop consumer insights that go beyond usability and stereotypes.