Self-Service Baggage drop-off

testing the model and prototype of the kiosk

Client: MMID full service design team

During the development of a self-service kiosk allowing KLM passengers (at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam) to check-in their own baggage, objective feedback by professional usability tests was needed.

A model of the kiosk was made by MMID. For the test an assistant behind the kiosk was taking the baggage from the belt, provided the labels through the ‘label printer’ and controlled the touch-screen via a laptop when necessary. Time logging of interactions on the touch-screen was also available on the laptop.

Respondents (30) were provided with tickets and were observed and interviewed checking-in two suitcases.

The usability tests showed it was possible, using the Self Service Drop Off Point, to finish the process of checking in within a specified time limit (based on the process time at the staffed drop off points in use at Schiphol Airport).

Also insight was gained in the factors that influence the time needed to go through the different stages of the process (scan boarding card, load baggage, attach labels, verifying information and printing claim tag).

These findings helped MMID to design a user-friendly exterior and user interface of the prototype that have been installed in Departure Hall 3 of Schiphol Airport for extensive testing.

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